Most SME owners spend too much time working in the business.

We provide a high quality website development process so that you can work on your business with ease while saving time.


I’ve never been good at IT. I was convinced that the website itself is something and everything will work without my involvement and knowledge. But I was wrong, SEO is black magic to me, and all the guides and manuals were too complicated. Fortunately, Dawid held out a helping hand …

Marta Wojna

Family Photographer


Girlandowo – lighting store

This project stood out from the rest in that we had to organize the structure of the existing content in order to make it better indexed in Google search engine in an organized manner.

  • Garden garland
  • Garland light
  • Garden lamps
  • Christmas lighting
Family photographer’s website

full SEO service / pregnancy session
Spanish language

A fully functional basic website for a Spanish language teacher.
A leader in the field of automation of industrial processes using the hot-stamping technique.

Subpage optimization / hot-stamping for the positioning process.

CoZaBar - Website
Bar for weddings

Creation of offer pages, basic SEO optimization.
Real estate agency

Creation of a website for property management within one office.
English teacher’s website.

Graphic design and website creation.
Podkarpackie Centrum Ratownictwa Medycznego

Full SEO servicepełna obsługa SEO
E-commerce store

Advance sale of Wojciech Siryk’s traveler’s / youtuber’s book.
Website of a wedding photographe

SEO strategy for 2 years and ONSITE optimization of constantly created content.


They trusted us

Cooperation with Dawid is gold. Authentically. The website of your own business is the basis. While it may be easy at the beginning, more and more things appear later, and you do not know yourself. And it gets lost. Dawid has (probably) unlimited knowledge of building a website. He knows a lot of workarounds, facilities and ways. From the beginning of our cooperation, I have overcome technical problems with the website of my shop. When something suddenly doesn’t work, I don’t stress anymore. I know David will get it. I sincerely recommend working with this gentleman and with all my heart.


Without a website, no business and no professional can do today. However, not everyone knows how to create such websites, and this is where Mateusz comes with help and advice! His extensive experience and skills give excellent results. Mateusz will not only “build” our website from scratch, but will also advise and take the initiative himself, literally sensing what we meant, perfectly matching the most diverse tastes of customers. In addition, we will get answers to questions regarding technical issues and website management. Services are delivered quickly, flawlessly and the results are exactly as expected. I heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to have a professional online business card in a short time and at a reasonable price!


In just a few months, thanks to Dawid’s actions, we managed to change the position in the Google search engine from the farthest places to TOP5 results. We were tired of constantly spending a lot of money on ADS ads, where after turning them off, the site disappeared into the depths of the Internet. During the joint operation, we learned the basic SEO practices and we already know what to pay attention to, e.g. when adding products to our store again.


I recommend it with all my heart! I have been working with Dawid in the photographic industry since 2016 and I have experienced and seen what he can do. We started working on my photographic project relatively recently, but all this time I was not disappointed even once. Always helpful, friendly and specific. A boy who absorbs knowledge with great passion is always up to date. David finally showed me that SEO is not black magic, I know what exactly I’m investing in. So far, we have managed to improve the technical aspects of the website and we have planned content strategies for the next 2 years. I know that the effects also include external actions and patience, but I also know that it is really worth it! I recommend it to anyone who would like to google to higher positions.

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